In memoriam

The bond with a dog is as lasting, as the ties of this earth can ever be. 

Sir Remu

12.2.2001 - 13.3.2017

My first husky, the dog that led me into the life of mushing! I got him when I was 13-years old and so my future was defined... Remu was highly intelligent, energetic, loyal friend who had his very strong own mind. Besides mushing we also competed in agility and Remu is one of the few siberians in Finland, that have reached the highest class in agility. 

The dog of my life, deeply missing you!

Kettuahon Ninja

20.11.2008 - 19.10.2015

Ninja was a spicy, independent and fast dog. She preferred human company rather than other dogs, a special black sheep in the pack. We lost Ninja to septicemia, caused by an inflammation in kidneys. A good girl, that left us too early!

Acornway's Alert Peanut

27.9.2011 - 26.10.2018 (Norwegian Lundehund)

Nakki deserves her place among the huskies, as she was our beloved "all-around" mascot. She kept the pack in order and made sure that she always had the nro 1. place in the bed/sofa. Nakki stole hearts where ever she went and is missed by many!

Sainen Pehtoorska

30.5.2004 - 17.8.2020

Our Grand Old Lady, Leimu. She was the founder female of Lumion Huskies, mother to A- & B-litters. I was 16 years old when I got her and we had 16 years long adventure together. Leimu was a friendly and loyal companion, active in many hobbies (dogsledding, agility, obedience..) and a good teacher for younger dogs.

Travel light my old friend!