We are kennel with 30 Siberianhuskies, located in Kuusamo, northern Finland. Kennelname Lumion was approved 2007 and the first litter was also born in the same year. The original story with huskies and mushing starts way back from year 2001, when I got my first packmember Sir Remu..

At the moment most of our dogs are working in safaries, but we also do mid-distance races with them. Every now and then we participate in sleddog workingtests and take dogs in to the showrings as well. Otherwise our dogs are living very much like "homedogs", sleeping indoors from time to time etc...

Focus for the future is to do our part for maintaining and improving Siberianhuskies as a working breed. Not forgetting that health, temperament and arctic appearance are also part of the whole package. We are working towards longer and challenging trainings as we want to test our dogs properly. Hand in hand with the ambition to race, this will hopefully get us closer to the startingline in long distance races..

For season 2021-2022 we made our way to a startingline of our first long distance race! Team took part in Gold Rush Run 501 (scratched) and finished Polardistans 300km in Sweden!